What free software can I use as an alternative to Adobe Audition to record character voices for my movie?

Adobe Audition is a wonderful piece of software for recording character voices for your movie. It has the multitracks for sound and then can open the video in a small window so you can sync your recorded sound clips to it.

Another great function is of course the clip stretch/shrink function which can make a sound clip longer or shorter without affecting the pitch. This tool is very useful for when you want to sync a spoken sentence onto a shorter clip of a character's lips moving. In fact, it's basically essential.

However, personally I don't like how Adobe is doing things now. You used to be able to buy their software at a fixed price. However, it seems now you can't buy their software anymore and have to take a monthly subscription from a handful of subscription choices.

And of course you have to install it on a computer connected to the internet to use it now.

For various reasons, this subscription-only model on an internet-connection-only computer is not for me.

So I have been keeping my eyes open for an alternative.

And fortunately, I found it! Yay!

The alternative is called "Ardour".

Ardour is open source, and advertised as free. NOTE: This is a bit of a false advertising statement. It's NOT free.

However, you can pay what you want for it. Even just one dollar if you're so inclined.

However many dollars you pay for it, you will still be able to get a much better deal than that Adobe subscription model, so it's still good.

You can choose not to pay anything for Ardour, but then it will stop working after a few minutes of working on it, and ask you to pay something to keep using it.

It's best just to pay a dollar or five upfront and get the long term working version for virtually ever.

And if you are a business and you have a lot of money to help Ardour's team, there is also subscription models available.

Anyway, so you download and install Ardour.

Does it do what you need?

Yep, so far it's been just lovely. Might take juuuust a bit of time to figure out how everything works. However, eventually you'll love it.

It also has the multitrack view and you can import a video which will play in a small window after transcoding to a certain format.

Then, you're all set. You can record your voices with your video and viola! You can export the final .wav file.

Can it stretch and shrink a sound clip without affecting the pitch?

Apparently so. I've used Ardour for a few days now and haven't yet had the need to use this function, but I did ask in the Ardour forums if this is possible and here's the answer somebody gave:

"Select the timefx mouse tool/mode (shortcut: 't'). Click and drag on the region to change its length without changing pitch. You may want to ensure that the grid is enabled and set to the correct units."

So yes, apparently Ardour has this function which makes it wonderful in my books.

Well, happy ADRing!


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